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ur goin to peebydeeby (paleontology database)!

he/they +
17 years old

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im in ur area! im in. ur area ! [ethernet cables]

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About me:

hello fellow myspace93/spacehey refugees!! check out my pronouny <3

INFJ | alchemist in training | IRL WIZARD | ancom | frankenstein apologists dni /j
if ur xenogender or use neopronouns come here im gonna give u a kith
✓ mild body horror, too many eyes, flashing images (some), horror tropes, weirdcore/liminalcore, (some) unreality, drug mentions
✖ excessive gore, eye/mouth horror, most common triggers, loud noises
leo ↑, leo ☉, cancer ☽
games i like: the resident evil franchise, especially 2 (sexualizing leon kennedy makes me immune to "attractive" cops irl), petscop, Sky: Children of the Light, Bang! Dream, Arcaea, Cytus, LobCorp, NU:Carnival (shhh). specially interested in mesopotamian mythology, dinosaurs, pokemon, minecraft
let's go to mystery flesh pit national park together
fav book is The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, hes just like me fr !
muship, kyarypamyupamyu, kikuo, WONDERFUL☆OPPORTUNITY!, nakiso, suzunui, Nilfruits, youまん, r-906, toripiyo, Ado

Who I'd like to meet:

people who can speak to angels, those who don't mind the mud, minecraft enjoyers, hopeless romantics, compulsive problem-solvers, people who have lost a fight with an inanimate object. Tell me your stories, tell me your tales; I will bear witness to them all.
if you are an enthusiast of illegal activities, a cringe culture survivor, or someone who isn't afraid of bees, feel free to message me. i would love to hear from you.
jerma fans please interact ^^

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