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i forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.

they/them, nonbinary
15 years old

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General psychology, maths, art, baking, video games and dogs
Music anything that expresses my feelings, idc about melodies. the important thing is, what does all these melodies mean?
Movies im not really someone who loves movies.
Television told ya that i don't like wtaching stuff homie.
Games timing hero, minecraft, magical girl critical, super mario, roblox, crossy road, osu (rarely)
Books les misérables, Идиот, Преступленіе и наказаніе, le petit prince, meu pé de laranja lima, salò
Heroes my momma <3333

more active on myspacef46n or whatever it's name was. why the fuck do we have like millions of sites like myspace anyway? ehh idk but i like this one.

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About me:

my name is ada. i'm half lebanese (no not lesbian you idiot) and half turkish.
I am a freshman, mostly just fucking around and never studying like I'm supposed to.
also i hate charlie he bit my feet again

Who I'd like to meet:

you, matey. i wanna make you my friend.

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