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Don't try to be someone else try to be the best version of yourself

80085 years old
Your Mother's House

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General Artist with the mind of a dog, professional shitposter
Music Daft Punk,Kayne west,Playboi Carti,Queens,Metallica,Guns and roses,Dio,Kiss,TikTok audios lol, Notorious B.I.G,Slick Rick,A tribe called quest,LL Cool J,the pharcyde,Video game OST,Anime intros and outros, Pharrell Williams,I have more but Character limit
Movies Whiplash,The 800,Drive,I was famous, American psycho,Transformers the Movie (1980s),Star wars,Taxi driver,Blade runner,Blader runner 2049,The grand Budapest hotel, Interstellar,Rango,Fight Club,Goodfellas,Forrest Gump, Nightcrawler,Pianist,1917,Scarface,2
Television One piece, Jujutsu Kaisen,Bleach,West world,Dorohedoro, Hellsing ultimate,Bleach,
Games A lot since I have a Xbox and I'm poor <3
Books A lot of manga become I'm quirky!!!
Heroes I'm my own hero

I'm a beginner artist who loves touhou and anime and Daft punk
I don't know how to code so I won't have a Background and other stuff until then LOL
I'm Also scifi geek

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About me:


Yo I'm just another quirky 1980s-2000s fan,maybe if I get lucky I can make new friends but not meet them face to face,ok I'm sorry give me one more time to say another joke please.lets go around the world baby!

             Spot the references!!!

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Thx 4 the add!!