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As a child, my mother would often take me to the beach on special occasions. On one of these visits, I witnessed an osprey stalking a baby sea turtle. Seeking to rescue the baby sea turtle, I picked it up and chased the osprey away. To my surprise, however, rather than flying off into the distance, it flew back and patiently eyed the turtle.
It was at this point that I realized that the osprey was starving and that eating the turtle was a matter of life and death. Realizing that by saving the turtle, I would murder the osprey. Then I placed the turtle on the ground and left.
Despite what I told myself, I knew that I was not restoring natural order by giving the osprey the turtle, I was merely choosing to murder the turtle rather than the osprey. The natural order had already been irreversibly shattered upon my interference, and my fate as a murderer was sealed.
Evil does not arise from nature! It is the product of man subverting God's plan with his flawed morals.

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