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mukou aoi

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magical girl ~ ♡

444 years old
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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General magical girls ♡♡
Music vocaloid mccafferty mitski so many o m g
Movies girl interrupted orrr garfield movies orrr cat returns :3
Television BOJAVK HORSRMAN so many animes alot alot i love anything animated
Games pokemon reborn you and me and her touhou + neptunia franchise
Books uhhh mgrp light novels ?? girl in pieces
Heroes me ☆

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About me:

im snowii orrr clementine virtual idol irl magical girl , wow im 4teen lesbian autistic blahblah i love cats sm and cute thing anf stars and lamposts theyre so shiny i talk ALOT if youll listrn i love talkinh ♡ pls talk to me i luv mgrp and you and mr and her and machikado mazoku and lucky star pls be friends w me if you like yhem ^^^^ but if u think u like thrm more . u dont :/

Who I'd like to meet:

silly crazy ppl ☆♡

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