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My apology video (it's actually a blog)

I made a severe and continuous lack in my judgement, and I don't expect to be forgiven.

I started a trend that has plagued this site slowly. It has been eating up user numbers and it gets worse everyday. I am of course talking about test accounts.

I do understand why you may not like them. And for me I might honestly not care, people out there do. I'm really only writing this blog because of a blog death_by_penis made.

So, why did I make a css test account? Well, firstly it was because ark63 made one. I felt that I didn't want it to be lonely, so I made one.

Secondly, I want to make this page an archive of CSS I am no longer using and/or won't use, so that people joining this site and don't understand css can simpily use a template provided by me. I will either make individual blogs about it, or I will create a Google doc. I'm still deciding.

But most importantly, it's because of the fact I use an Xbox and Mobile to edit css. I understand there are ways to edit css off your main account that would not require using another account, but you have to realize I literally have no way to do that. Plain and simple, I actually kind of need this account.

Now, it's very unprofessional to curse out people in blogs, and I understand that. So I won't rat anyone out this blog. Except shoebox fuck you i dont suck balls.

Anyways, yeah that's my epic apology I will be monetizing. Thank you for reading gamers. This was mainly a test for longer blogs so I win either way ha