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"No matter what, I stick with the retro stuff."

18 years old

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General Just roaming around this site, since it seems interesting..
Music Bill Withers - Lovely Day
Movies Die Hard (1988)
Heroes Batman

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About me:

Oh, hello there! The name's Koko, and I'm an artist who draws retro cars & my own OCs.

I"m into retro cars, guns, classic movies, old songs from the early '50s to late '90s and even some old anime that I still know-

Forgot to mention that I'm a bisexual btw, just so you'd know heheh..

anyways, my other socials are Twitter(@Nut14Koko) and Discord(KokoNut18#5211) if you wanna follow me there for my drawings n stuff.

Who I'd like to meet:

Artists like me, gamers in all gender, uh... people who are into cars, guns, and movies-

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