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Good food, good music, good vibes

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14 years old
United States of America

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Music Mitski, Alex G, Starry cat, Dandelion hands, Teen suicide
Movies Good Will Hunting (1997) Dead Poet Society (1989)
Books Sparrow by Sarah Moon, Pax by Sara Pennypacker, No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

Braindump #5

I cried once.
Over a leaf.
Tears falling with the fragments that crumpled to the floor from my palm.
A leaf doomed to die regardless. Picked from its provision.
Lack of sustenance would bring it to the floor and guide it to rot.
Regardless of my holding it.
Somehow, though, I could have saved it. If I really tried. If I was better: more gentle, sweeter, easier.
If I really tried.

But that's wrong...
I couldn't have saved that leaf.
Not if I was better: more gentle, sweeter, easier.
Not even if I tried really hard.
Not with gloves over my rough palms, not if I swore to obey its every move as it was thrown within the cold gusts.
Tend to it on hand and knee.
I could not have saved that leaf.
That leaf was doomed to die.
I cried.
Over that leaf.