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Good food, good music, good vibes

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14 years old
United States of America

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Music Mitski, Alex G, Starry cat, Dandelion hands, Teen suicide
Movies Good Will Hunting (1997) Dead Poet Society (1989)
Books Sparrow by Sarah Moon, Pax by Sara Pennypacker, No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

Brain dump #1

What's the proper response to, "I'm sorry." when you know it's not their fault?
They tell me I'm good with words until I stand before them and am caught off guard.
A silent pause that lasts a bit too long.
"I'm sorry." They say, meaning it.
They don't claim to understand or say it's unfortunate.
Because I KNOW it's unfortunate and I also know they couldn't ever truly understand.
What am I to do when I am rendered speechless by empathy from a person whom I know is much too similar to I.
Maybe even a bit too similar.
They could open that dream and rip it apart, but instead they apologize that the dream remained just that.
They could cup me in their arms and tear my soul into pieces as I melt to the touch.
"I'm sorry." They say-- not to me, not this bloody knuckled boy, oh no-- to the little starchild of bandages who built those dreams from fear.
What am I to say then?
"It's fine," is surely not right.