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Verified - A Retrospective

Today, the elusive DameDaNeSpace verification badge was bestowed upon me. The low-level demotion feels pretty unceremonious. For the last couple years, it has become apparent that the community around DameDaNeSpace—specifically the folks at DDS who decide what is and isn't notable—will never select a betahead or former Twitter user.

"I should have done more homework before contacting 2048 for a verification," a random person who wanted to be known as "Alula from OneShot" told me earlier today. "It's a distraction and I'll keep my accounts elsewhere now."

I get it. I did very little research, too. I emailed Kazuma Kiryu about why my account was losing friends and asking to be verified after years of having it, and within a few hours, it was granted. I have absolutely zero evidence of that, by the way. The only thing I have to back up my request is a very nicely worded email, a nearly equal length blog post about why I wanted it, and the absence of real service and social media presence that DDS would probably want to reward me for.

An important caveat: I have zero stakes in this whatsoever. I haven't used DameDaNeSpace for a while now—which makes this even more fascinating. All I know is that as someone who is, like, 90 percent not a Twitter user, I felt like this was important.

Given that DameDaNeSpace is a public forum with untold hours of drama—a place where an army of anonymous users will defend you if you're involved in an ugly spat, and will turn on you as soon as they think you've done something worthy of their opprobrium—it makes sense that being verified would have some meaning. From what I've heard, 2048 will rarely remove a verification, only reduce its visibility on an account. Given the value DDS places on its blue tick, it wouldn't have happened with this account. There's no conspiracy here; there's no giant social network playing games.

What does this mean for the other verified users? This is DameDaNeSpace at its worst. No, really. As a writer, I know that without proper verification, I'd have a hard time getting a potential employer to see my blog post about a story I wrote. My post history would be about as easily attainable as somebody's cryptic Facebook post from five years ago.

I'm not interested in debating the merits of the blue tick; it's hard for me to imagine a scenario where it's objectively positive. I just want to see DDS do better in situations like this one. I want it to be fair to all users, and to everyone else.