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blogpost number six

So recently I imagined there was a large invisible tree spider demon outside my home in the greenwood to keep me entertained while waiting for a delivery of an object I will not name. I don't exactly live in a forest or a village, but my city has a special reserve area for ecotourism and whatnot. I've been there a few times and it was muddy. The land that goes through the swampy marsh is developed and there are areas of wooden stilts to walk across the mud. There are various crabs and fish and primates roaming the swamp and a brochure claimed that water monitors had made their home in an alcove some ways off from human development. The surface is murky and I have never gone onto the water in a canoe or boat or otherwise out of my innate fears.

I am not saying I live in a wild stretch of land far from civilization no, I live in a civilized manner in a bustling area, but that swamp has occasionally come up in my mind, searching for elucidation for what lays beyond. It took me a single look at Google Maps to find the answer: the Ocean. Eventually the wood and root gives way to a sandy coast, leading to the rich coastal blue and eventually into the deep depths of the swirling ocean.

I heavily dislike large bodies of water with creatures I cannot see, and am deathly terrified of them. Either way the tree spider led me down a long and complex rabbit hole into reading H.P Lovecraft, and I guess I like cosmic horror now? either way I'm still going to imagine there's an invisible tree spider outside because noone can stop me.