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15 years old

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General games, music, vinesauce, web stuff
Music scythelord, SOAD, red vox, breakcore, hotline miami 1/2 soundtrack, carpenter brut
Movies terminator 2, postal, monsters inc, escape from new york
Television breaking bad/better call saul, star trek tos/tng/voy/ds9 those are the gúd ones, top gear and the grand tour, gravity falls
Games hotline miami 2, postal 2, team fortress 2, payday 2, terraria, psychonauts. worms (W.M.D or reloaded or heck even armageddon), PvZ, quake, quake, quake, quake, quake iii arena, quake, luigi's mansion 3, pizza tower
Books that python book that comes with the raspberry pi 400
Heroes miami mutilator

there was a rainbow outside today

was just walking home from school and i looked up and there was this giant double rainbow just sitting there in the sky
an image i took of a rainbow in the sky same as last