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average hotline miami 2 wrong number enjoyer

15 years old

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General games, music, vinesauce, web stuff
Music scythelord, SOAD, red vox, breakcore, hotline miami 1/2 soundtrack
Movies terminator 2, postal, monsters inc, escape from new york
Television breaking bad/better call saul, star trek tos/tng/voy/ds9 those are the gúd ones, top gear and the grand tour
Games hotline miami 2, postal 2, team fortress 2, payday 2, terraria, psychonauts. worms (W.M.D or reloaded or heck even armageddon), PvZ, quake, quake, quake, quake, quake iii arena, quake, luigi's mansion 3
Books that python book that comes with the raspberry pi 400
Heroes miami mutilator

i am logan paul

what a day

just hopped onto a columbian ship and killed everyone on it, feeling pretty good

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shit i left my gun at the scene