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do no harm but take no shit

16 years old

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General Palm reading, PonyTown, Furry shit, Pokemon, plants, sea creatures, bugs, jerma, flag making, madness combat, stamp and blinkie collecting, watching cooking videos, having shit opinions, im really not that interesting
Music ICP, Renard, Jackal Queenston, Rotteen, Bandetto, Furries in a Blender, Machine Girl, Gorillaz, Weezer, Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, Off The Hook, The Smiths, Pokémon b/w ost., '80s - '00 rave/disco, reggae
Movies Blues Brothers, Arthur and the great adventure, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian
Television MLP FIM, Bigtop Burger, Father Ted, Breaking Bad, Devilman Crybaby kinda???, any cartoon i can get my mitts on
Games Majora's Mask, Hades, Splatoon, Pkmn B/W, pkmn LA, pkmn emerald, pkmn pinball, Shin megami tensei IV, LoZ minish cap, Warioware, nintendogs, ACNH, sam and max hit the road, did i mention i was a Nintendo fan?
Books The Wind in the Willows, Sam and Max and uh... i cant read honestly
Heroes marketplier, mutahar and jerm a :)

i think i might be questioning myself again

dude i like(d) (who was a douche to me) got me thinking im a gay man fr

ik im genderfluid to some capacity so i probably got the guy part from that (so what im saying is that my mind will probably change)

but all my new friends have been pretty chill with calling me he and viewing me as a dude and im enjoying it soo..

but i actually dont think i find fem aligned people hot anymore ???????? even tho i am sorta fem aligned kinda cus i Can Not transition cus of my father ?????? but i definitely like dudes ???????????????

fuck i dont even think im aro anymore, let alone ace ??????????????

aaaaaa what the fuck man new friends brought out some new shit from within me ig

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i talk to people already?????? in not as chronically online as most of you

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what talking to people does to a mf