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hell on earth (for me ig)

past like 3 weeks have sucked complete and utter anus

first off, my father lost his shit cus i threw a tantrum, it was like a small childish ass tantrum no doubt, im not gonna act like it wasnt my fault, but his reaction to it was to hurt me enough to draw blood and bruise me, threaten to send me back to my abusive mother who kicked me out literally a few days short of a year ago and pin me down (on my stomach, hes a bouncer he knows how to do this shit) on the end of my bed when i tried pick up one of my belongings when trying to escape his house, i had texted my neighbour, an adult woman who my dad knows (she does my hair too), if i could come over to her and after a few minutes of me not replying to her she came to the door w/ her ex, my dad answered the door, i ran out to them, shouting match between my dad and the ex, some violence, (this is around the time i went back in for literally just 2 belongings and him pinning me down for it), i ended up leaving w/ my neighbours and staying w/ them

im not gonna recall the 2 weeks i spent w/ them but some highlights were my dad being abusive over the phone/texts towards me and my neighbour, coming to their door and threatening them (note they literally just live across the road and they have 2 pretty young kids), him lying about.. so much, threatening bringing my mother into the situation / sending me to foster care/doctors, and ofc.. calling the guards (who didnt take what happened seriously at all they did absolutely dogshit, their response to me saying my father assaulted me was literally nothing. acab or something)

reason im living with my dad in the first place is cus my abusive mother found out i had told him that she'd been abusing and neglecting me for over 10 years and threw me out cus of it, and then he literally did almost everything she did to me, almost all word-for-word, in the span of 2 weeks, yeah.

anyways, the literal police did jack fucking shit, social workers are gonna be involved for the next 2 years and im back in my dads house cus i couldn't handle the stress of going to a new school while this was going on

oh yeah i started a new school too, its in a different town from where i live but i take the bus now. but being brutally honest i really hate it, my last school was just shit at being a school but this one is just Bad. you arnt allowed have a phone anywhere on the school premises, even at lunch or going home, they're strict as fuck and pretend to give a shit about students wellbeing and lgbt shit.
even better everyone i do know out of my year i have 0 classes with so thats great too

i keep having to remind myself that its only 2 years and im out of my dads.
2 years and im out of school, shit like that but its not gonna be that easy lol

aough im sorry i didnt want this to be so venty but like i need to document this somewhere cus literally noone outside of a few discord friends know about this

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no im back in my dads still, i dont think i have a way of escape and i dont want to go back to that neighbour

thank you

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oh fuck thats bad especially the part where the police just does not give a fuck!

you have to get out of there somehow. are you back at your neighbors?

stay safe, big hug from me